In our Learning Center we have been learning all about technology.  Everything from how to turn on a computer/tablet, how to type, and how using different applications can help us improve our daily lives.  We have learned about computer adaptive devices and how they allow everyone the ability to use a computer.  One way we have learned technology has helped us is it allows us to stay connected to family and friends, no matter the distance.  You can use social media, video chat and call all over the country to stay in touch.  There is also many things we can do to keep us entertained using cell phones, tablets, or cell phones.  You can listen to music, download a good book, watch tv/movies and download games.

Technology helps keep us safe.  If we happen to lose power, from a storm or otherwise, we are able to keep in contact with news channels,  radio stations to electric companies to determine when it will be safe.  Some cell phones even will send out alerts when bad weather is approaching.   We have also learned how technology helps us with work.  We are able to look and apply to multiple jobs,  some websites allow you to post a resume to allow business to find you as well.   It allows others to communicate faster with using email, send information to other co-workers, some can keep track of inventory and workers information.  Some companies have education classes available to take.

Technology has helped improve the medicine field in so many ways.  If you are home bound, you are able to video chat with a doctor to discuss your symptoms and the Dr can prescribe you a prescription.  If you happen to need a refill for a prescription, some companies have it set up so all you have to do is take a picture of the medicine bottle and upload it to the site and they will notify you when it is ready!  There is many sites that will help you keep track of doctor appointments and medicine you take, with giving you reminders on both.

Technology has been a huge help with adaptive equipment allowing everyone to be able to use a computer, cell phone or tablet with little or no assistance, allowing all to communicate with others.  We can not wait to see how the future technology helps improve out lives in the future.