MMI Mailing Services

MMI’s Mailing Services can save you both time and money

• Eliminate wasted staff time
• Free-up storage space
• Ensure proper addressing
• Conform to USPS standards for automation discounts
• Eliminate costly duplicates from your list
• Ensure your mail goes out with lowest postage

Why Bulk Mail?

Direct mailing has emerged as a premier marketing tool to both communicate with existing customers and to reach out to potential customers. MMI’s bulk mailing service will help you use direct mail efficiently and effectively.

MMI will use your existing mailing list to create a database that conforms with rigid United States Post Office standards.

From there, we can create automated, bar-coded labels. These specialized labels will allow you to receive a considerable discount on your postage bill.

Often, the postage discount you receive will cover the cost of contracting with us to process the mailing. Not to mention the time and money saved by not doing it yourself!

It’s Easy!

MMI can save you time by sorting, collating, stuffing, and labeling your direct mail. Let us do all the work, while you reap all the benefits.

Have your printer deliver the pieces directly to MMI and save yourself even more time.

No need to worry about regulations, annual fees, or paperwork. MMI will ensure your mailing makes it to the Post Office on time and meets their standards. MMI will deliver the mailing directly to the Post Office.

Start to finish, MMI can handle it all. MMI’s years of experience and trained staff ensure that you will get fast, convenient, and reliable service. You can count on MMI.

Let MMI take the guesswork out of your next mailing!

Call John Wixon Jr, Sales Coordinator at 888.773.7MMI or e-mail John at