MMI Programs


Community Living Supports

Provide services that range from assisting with meal preparation, money management, and light housekeeping to participation in regular community activities and recreation opportunities.

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Vocational Evaluation

Provides people with a better understanding of their abilities and vocational interests to assist them in developing their training plan for the future.

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Community Connections

Service provides community inclusion, expanding relationships and personal skill development to individuals with severe or multiple disabilities. In Community Connections, individuals learn how access community resources and learn new skills that are consistent with their interest and choices. A full range of sensory integration services are also available.

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Transitional Employment

This service provides training in skills and habits that will lead to greater personal independence, including improving production speed and quality, following instructions and schedules, as well as teaching appropriate work and interpersonal skills. Participants earn a paycheck and receive training through a variety of production and mailing contracts.

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Community Employment

Provides assistance to individuals in finding and keeping a job in the community. Services include many different levels of support including intensive or long-term job coaching and follow along services. Supports are provided to ensure the person’s continued employment success.

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Job Placement

Supports people as they search for the job of their choice. MMI’s trained staff prepare them for interviews, assist with filling out applications, develop job leads, and follow up with employers.

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Career Services

Includes Job Readiness Training, counseling, and financial support to enable individuals to find and maintain employment. Participants include eligible individuals under the Jobs Education and Training, and Food Assistance, Education and Training programs.

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