Coming Into Services at MMI


If you are seeking to receive services through MMI please follow these Admissions Procedures steps:

Complete an Application for Admission

Complete an Acknowledgment of Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Notice
(must be signed by guardian or person if own guardian)

Complete necessary consent forms:
a. Annual Consent to Participation
b. Consent for Personal Care (only if needed)

By law MMI is required to see a Social Security Card or Birth Certificate to prove citizenship and additional identification of Driver’s License or Medicaid Card or Picture ID.

We would appreciate any information that might help us know the person being referred this might include medical needs relating to receiving services, current Person Centered Plan, Annual Meeting Summary, Intake Summaries, IEP, Assessments, or other information that details past and present strengths, needs behavioral information, supervision needs, accommodations needed, etc.

Work Permit (if under 18 years of age)

To find out more about Admission Procedures call the Branch Director or the Admissions Supervisor in your area by calling 989-773-6918 or e-mail