MMI Transitional Employment


The Transitional Employment (TE) service offers in-house vocational related activities, both paid and non-paid. Each person participating in Transitional Employment services has an individualized, person-centered plan.

Transitional Employment is the core of our manufacturing and mailing services. It provides work to people through contracts from various industries. People working in the Transitional Employment Program receive paid work opportunities and job skills training that may allow them to one day obtain employment through our Community Employment Program or a local business.

Paid work assists the person in learning appropriate work related skills. Skills learned in this service include learning to stay on task, task completion, quality of work, production speed, attendance, punctuality, getting along with co-workers and supervisors and other soft skills necessary to learn in order to find and maintain a job. The type of work performed varies but may include assembly, packaging, bulk mailing, or paper shredding. People receiving services are encouraged to give input into the types of work they would like training on and to spend as much of their time as possible on contract work. Individuals are paid on either a piece rate or hourly rate system depending upon the type of work performed.

Non-paid activities in this service may include a wide range of activities including work samples, group discussions on various topics such as self-advocacy, safety training, appropriate job seeking and job keeping skills and other areas of interest. People served are encouraged to participate in non-paid activities when paid work is not available. Other types of activities in this area may include any that are part of the individual’s plan of service.

Another alternative offered under the service is Transitional Employment with Extra Support (TEX). This service is offered to individuals who someday may transition into the Transitional Employment service but may need additional staff support to learn skills necessary to work on a job. Activities and jobs offered in this service are the same as those offered in the regular Transitional Employment service. These services typically take place in a ratio of one staff person to four persons served. To find out more about Transitional Employment call the Branch Director or the Transitional Employment Supervisor in your area by calling 888.773.7MMI or e-mail