Selected Programs Accredited By:


Jen Lovejoy

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for September is Jen Lovejoy. Jen has been with MMI since February 2017. Presently she works full time in Mt. Pleasants Community Living Supports (CLS). She has been extremely flexible and accommodating with all of the continual changes in the CLS participant’s schedules. Jen is well liked by all the CLS participants and their families that she works with as well as their other supports. She has taken on many new referrals for CLS services and has assisted by training several new CLS Coaches. Jen also helped her Supervisor implement some addition of paperwork requirements. She is always willing to help out wherever needed and her education, knowledge and experience in teaching special education has been a great asset to the CLS Program.(/span)


Candi Kelsey


MMI’s Employee of the Month for August is Candi Kelsey. Candi is a Connections Coach with the Clare office and has been with MMI since 2001. Candi has gone out of her way to build strong positive relationships with the individuals living at Oakbridge Inn while teaching Daily Living Skills to persons served. This relationship has now developed into having a second Community Connections activity of Health and Wellness which Candi leads on Fridays. Candi is also involved with Clare MMI’s Volunteer group who chose to help 14 Veterans this past Christmas. This project has turned out to be an amazing experience for persons served as they’ve collected items and money to buy much needed items for those individuals. Not only did that but the Daily Living Skills group put on their first Christmas Breakfast in December for the Veterans as the group had been learning all the skills needed to put on this great event at Oakbridge Inn. Most recently, Candi took on an additional role for the 19th Annual Walk & Roll by taking on her Supervisor’s role during the Walk & Roll’s event on May 6th. Candi is a great leader and role model for others.(/span)


Rachelle Campbell

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for July is Rachelle Campbell.  Rachelle has worked for MMI as a Career Coach with the Michigan Works! PATH Program since July of 2014. Beyond Rachelle’s regular duties, she has researched and developed multiple curricula for use in preparing PATH participants for employment.  In each case she located resources for specific trainings and developed Powerpoint presentations and worksheets.  She tested out each of her completed trainings on a pilot group of participants to tweak them as necessary and to see how effective they are.  Rachelle has provided training to her co-workers on how to present two of the trainings and requested the opportunity to do so with two more trainings as we have availability to do so in our department meetings.  With the changes the PATH program has gone through, it has become necessary to change the way we provide employment services to our participants and Rachelle has been innovative in providing additional resources that will help us to better meet the needs of our participants and continue to provide effective services.

June 2017

Ruben Juarez

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for June is Ruben Juarez. Ruben began working with MMI in September 2016 providing Community Living Support (CLS) services for several young men in the Mt. Pleasant MMI CLS program.  As three new participants were added, Ruben provided orientation into the program and is currently providing CLS services to approximately six different individuals each week.  Ruben displays professionalism with everyone he comes in contact with during his work day.  He is flexible with his schedule and always offering assistance to his co-workers and supervisor.  Ruben attends Person Centered Planning (PCP) meetings and provides valuable information to the CLS participant’s supports team.  His communication skills are outstanding and he is well liked and respected by all.  Ruben is a valuable asset to MMI and a dedicated team member to the CLS program. He is willing to help out with anything and everything even if it requires him to change his personal plans.  Ruben is good at problem solving, compromising, adjusting, adapting or modifying his time and talents to assure that the persons served are able to receive quality services and attain their personal goals.

May 2017

Amber Tasior

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for May is Amber Tasior. Amber began her employment with MMI in 2014 as a part time Connection Coach in Community Connections in Mt. Pleasant.  Within 3 months, she was working full time by taking on an additional assignment with the CLS program.  Amber is an upbeat, caring, conscientious person who provides excellent customer service to all.  She is supportive and accepting of everyone.  She encourages persons served to think outside of the box and tap into their creative side.  Amber is hands on with the persons served she works with, doing whatever she can to engage them and keep their interest in the activity they are participating in.  She has a big heart and is a great advocate for the people she works with.  Amber is very much a team player with her peers and is quick to jump in whenever help is needed.  She recently stepped up and agreed to be one of MMI’s Employment Champions and is working 1:1 with individuals to help them learn their strengths and skills so they can move into competitive integrated employment.  Amber is passionate about whatever she is doing at the moment.  She is a nature & animal lover and is a big supporter of pet adoptions.  She is married to Jason and they welcomed their first baby, Theodore, this past year. 

April 2017

Dawn Sattler


MMI’s Employee of the Month for April is Dawn Sattler. Dawn began with MMI in the Mt. Pleasant Office in May of 2004. She then transferred to the Clare program in May of 2013, where she has held several positions. Presently Dawn works as a one to one staff with a person served with which she has formed a very good relationship.  Dawn goes out of her way to help others as much as she can and is very eager to support staff in any area whenever needed. Since Dawn began working with this particular person, he has shown a great deal of progress in his interactions with others. He is now enjoying many more inclusive activities in the community than he had prior to working with Dawn.

Dawn goes out of her way to make sure everyone gets things done when they need to be done. She is very friendly with her co-workers and treats the people served by MMI with the utmost respect.  Dawn is very observant and watches the things that are going on around her so that she can step in and provide assistance if needed. She is greatly appreciated by her co-workers and her supervisor for her dedication to her job and the people we serve.

March 2017

Jesse Gorney

Southern Operations

MMI’s Employee of the Month for March is Jesse Gorney. Jesse is presently the job coach for JCPenney and the Secretary of State Office in Greenville as well as the Montcalm Care Network crews. He began with MMI in a part time position in early 2016. He worked four nights a week with the Montcalm Care Network crew.  Within a few months of starting with MMI, he decided this was a good fit for him and pursued the full time position that he has now.  Jesse has been a great asset for MMI’s southern operations. He brings to the workplace a calm personality and always has a word of praise for the persons served. Jesse is a natural leader and teacher. He is well liked and respected by his crews and co-workers. He never has a problem with rolling up his sleeves and helping wherever needed. Jesse likes any new opportunity and also enjoys learning new things. We are pleased to honor Jesse as the March Employee of the Month.

February 2017

Scott Rush

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for February is Scott Rush. Scott started in MMI’s Mt. Pleasant Community Connections in September of 2016.  He began first as a contingent staff and within three months was hired on full time, working primarily in community based activities.  Scott is kind, caring and compassionate with the persons served at MMI that he interacts with.  He has a genuine heart for what he does and it shows in his interactions with all.  Scott is a team player who doesn’t mind assisting others whenever and wherever he can.  When there are days that are chaotic, Scott helps others with his easy going, calm demeanor.  He also enjoys having fun at work and brings a lot of laughter into the community connections department.  Scott demonstrates excellent customer service both internally at MMI and externally in the community, and everyone that works with him appreciates him and the positive energy he brings to the community connections department. He is delightful!

January 2017

Curt Fetterley

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for January is Curt Fetterley.  Curt has been with MMI since April of 2016 as MMI’s Maintenance person and he has been outstanding in this role.  Curt’s knowledge in the areas of electrical, maintenance, automotive, carpentry and manufacturing have proven to be a huge benefit to the entire organization in both the quality of his work and also by saving the expense of hiring outside contractors.  Curt’s work is done professionally and with pride.  He has a good relationship with the persons served by MMI and assisted in the training of a participant on mowing the lawn with the new lawn mower as well as other outdoor maintenance and yard duties.  He is very knowledgeable in the area of safety and has been a big help in the organizing of building inspections, fire extinguishers and safety lights. Curt is great at building adaptive jigs and aids to assist with manufacturing.  He demonstrates excellent customer service as a whole…he’s friendly, approachable, funny, is a great listener and is good at helping explain the technical side of maintenance issues.  Curt is always busy and productive and is a very welcomed member of the MMI team.


December 2016

Brandy Gorney

Southern Operations

MMI’s Employee of the Month for December is Brandy Gorney.  Brandy has been with MMI’s Southern Operations since September of 2015.  Brandy has been seen as MMI’s Southern Operations Community Employment go to person. In just over a year Brandy has been the coach for crews at Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), Secretary Of State (SOS), JC Penney’s and Montcalm Care Network (MCN). Brandy has provided all the needed transportation for the individuals of the crews she is assigned. She is always willing to help out at a moment’s notice, even though she only wanted, “part time”. Brandy is very level headed and is well liked by her co-staff and crew members. MMI’s Southern Operations had experienced some difficulty in staffing but with Brandy’s willingness to assist, MMI crews did not miss a beat. In October of 2016, she was promoted to full time and presently, Brandy (who now coaches one of the PCA Crews and fills in where necessary) and her husband Jesse (who coaches at SOS, JCPenney’s and MCN Crews) are looking forward to spending time with their oldest son this December. He will be visiting on leave from the service prior to being stationed in Japan. Personally, Brandy is also hard at work going to school to earn a degree in human services.  

November 2016

Sally Felver

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for November is Sally Felver. Sally who is a Connections Coach for MMI in Mt. Pleasant has been with MMI since March 2012.  She was hired as a contingent staff and then was promoted to full time after five months.  Over the years, she has been assigned to both community activities and sensory integration, with her primary assignment for quite some time now being the sensory area.  Sally does a great job in MMI’s sensory area, helping to ensure that the numerous and involved programs for individuals are being followed as efficiently as possible.  She is compassionate, caring and respectful and is a strong advocate for all persons served at MMI.    

Sally has great relationships with her peers and persons served at MMI.  Her co-workers look to her as someone they can trust and depend on to do a good job when they are working with her.  Sally is quiet and unassuming, but that doesn’t fool those who know her.  She has a great sense of humor and loves to make others laugh.  Sally is a team player who is willing to jump in and assist wherever help is needed.  One of her favorite activities outside of her work schedule to help with is the MMI Halloween party.  Sally is also responsible for being an aide and sometimes driver for a MMI van route, where her excellent customer service skills are recognized and appreciated by the home staff and families of the persons served.

October 2016

Sheree St. John


Sheree is extremely active in Community Connections and has taken on many leadership roles. She has become the lead instructor for our Sign Language class that is now offered at Horizon Senior Living Center which everyone enjoys.  She gone out of her way to learn Sign Language and continues to grow in this field. Sheree has also started a Book Club at the UCC and Cooking group at the Clare Moose for Community Connections. Sheree has also been involved in Community Garden, Music Appreciation, Nutrition, BINGO at Prestige Place, Glamour Shots, and is on the Safety Committee. Sheree keeps everyone actively engaged and her colleagues have mentioned how important she is and how much joy she brings to her activities.  She has been incredibly helpful to person served, co-workers, and to the community. Sheree is a very caring person who looks out for the best interest of those she works with. This has also been seen on CCTC as she is a bus aid to two different buses. Sheree is also a team player and is willing to help out where ever she can. She is a pleasure to work with!