Selected Programs Accredited By:

October 2018

Gary T.

Mt. Pleasant

Gary T. has worked with MMI for over 20 years and has pursued independent jobs in the community during that time. Gary’s most recent independent job was working with Goodwill, cleaning and stocking the shelves. When this job was completed, he resumed working on day crews and production crews, and participating in various community activities. Gary enjoys working on the CMU litter crew and is always willing to pick up extra jobs. He also likes doing production work and being in the learning center. Gary enjoys bowling and shopping with his community connections group. One of his hobbies is fishing, which is what he enjoys doing in his free time.
Congratulation Gary, for being October’s MMI person served of the month.!



MJ started attending MMI in Employment Connections in 2014 after moving to the area from Wisconsin. He attends MMI two days a week for a combination of Employment Connections and Community Connections activities. He also attends one day per week as part of a crew that goes to Jay’s Sporting Goods to clean up their grounds and then goes to pick up recycling. MJ was also a long-time member of the mini crew, helping to clean the Clare building after persons served had left for the day. Though the mini crew isn’t an option anymore, MJ has waited patiently for an opportunity to be on another crew. Recently, he was placed in a permanent spot on one of the night crews in Clare. He is a hard worker with a positive attitude and will accept any tasks given to him by his job coach. MJ is also a sports fanatic, having a particular love of all Detroit sports teams and U of M. MJ likes to talk about the teams and how they are doing. Clare Consumer Council is proud to choose MJ as MMI’s Person Served of the Month for October. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, MJ!

September 2018

Myron D

Mt. Pleasant

Myron has worked with MMI for over 20 years. During those 20 years, he has worked on several crews. Myron has done an excellent job wherever he has worked. He is friendly, always has a smile on his face, and a hello to whomever he sees. Myron is always willing to lend a hand and help people. Every year, Myron canvasses local businesses to get advertisements for the MMI calendar. He has a great sense of humor and will laugh with everyone. Currently Myron is working in Community Connections, participating in four different activities during the week. In the past, Myron has been on several committees at MMI and CMH where he has advocated for those with barriers to employment. Congratulations Myron, on being employee of the month for September 2018!

Andy O


Andy started attending MMI in Employment Connections in 2014 after graduating from the Clare/Gladwin RESD school. He lives in Gladwin, so getting to MMI requires him to take two different buses each way, but that doesn’t stop him from coming! Andy is friendly, outgoing, and has a great sense of humor. He is a hard worker and takes on any task he is asked to do without hesitation, paying close attention to his work to make sure he does the job well. He has also adapted well to the changes at MMI and to being in the Learning Center, where he participates in activities and conversations happily. Andy has a great relationship with the officers at the Gladwin County Sherriff’s office and aspires to work there some day. Clare Consumer Council was proud to choose Andy as MMI’s Person Served of the Month for September. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Andy!

August 2018

Jimmy S

Mt. Pleasant

Jim currently works on the CMU litter crew two days a week and participates in Employment Connections. Jim does his job well and is eager to take on new tasks and responsibilities. Jim completes his work with good quality, and he has a strong work ethic. He has great attendance and is very flexible with schedule changes. Jim has a great sense of humor and is well liked by his co-workers, who consider him to be friendly and outgoing. Congratulations Jim, on being the August 2018 person served of the month!

Sean S


Sean began training with MMI in January of 2000 as part of MMI’s Community Employment Program. Sean is a very dedicated person who is reliable and timely when he is scheduled on the evening Janitorial crew. He is very cooperative and willing to complete any task asked of him. In October 2017 at his annual person centered planning meeting Sean expressed interest in becoming more connected to the community, so he chose to begin participating in MMI’s Community Connections program. Sean first began with one day a week and has since increased to two days per week going out into the community. Staff shared that Sean is friendly, easy going, and is eager to participate in community events and activities. Clare Consumer Council is proud to name Sean as Person Served of the Month for August 2018. Thanks for all your hard work, Sean!

July 2018

Dan P

Mt. Pleasant

Dan has worked at MMI since March of 2010. He has worked on various crews including litter pickup, janitorial, and recycling, working both day and night shifts. Dan also participates in the learning centers working on skill building, and in the shops doing production. Dan does a community connections activity on Thursdays in the pm, split between community exploration for fall/winter, and farmers market for spring/summer. Years ago, Dan attended MMI’s art program and was one of the three selected to paint a banner for the “festival of the banners” a program sponsored by art reach. Dan’s banner was on display in the city of Mt. Pleasant during the spring and summer months of that year, an accomplishment Dan was very proud of. Currently Dan spends most of his time at MMI working on the grounds crew Monday through Friday. He is capable of doing everything on the grounds crew and is the “go to” person with any questions about what the crew does. Dan is hoping in the future to start pursuing an independent job in the community. Congratulations Dan on being the employee of the month for July 2018.

Corey G


Corey began working at MMI on August 6th 2012. He is currently enrolled in our Employment Connections, Community Employment and Community Connection programs. Corey is an eager and determined worker and takes pride in his work, and he strives to work as independently as possible in his everyday life. Corey graduated from the RESD last June, and since has had great success here at MMI expanding his employment opportunities. He attends MMI five days per week, working in the shop for half the day and participating in Community Connections the other half. He has worked on several different jobs over the past year including two different OJE placements, and if an opportunity arises for him to work on a crew he will voluntarily give up his Community Connections activities to go out and work. His work ethic, positive attitude, and willingness to try anything once make Corey a great role model for his coworkers. Clare Consumer Council is proud to name Corey as Person Served of the Month for July 2018. Thanks for all your hard work, Corey!

June 2018

Chris B

Mt. Pleasant

Chris returned to MMI in January 2015. He currently comes to MMI 3 days a week. Since last summer, Chris has been subbing on various crews and has been flexible in his schedule in order to do so. After continuing to show interest in subbing, an opportunity to have a regular position on a crew opened up. Chris jumped at the chance and is now a crew member on the recycling crew every Wednesday. Chris’s attendance has improved and rarely asks for days off. Chris is very flexible with schedule and job coach changes. He is well liked by staff and co-workers. Congratulations Chris for being chosen as Junes 2018 MMI’s person served of the month.

Janis E


Janis has been attending MMI since March of 2010. She participates in Employment Connections and Community Connections, and was part of the Mini Crew that cleaned the Clare building until that program was discontinued. She is a hard worker, always willing to do what is asked of her, and does so with a positive attitude. Janis stated recently that she enjoys raking and doing yard work and does this at home and for her neighbors at times. Her Community Connections activities include Art, Lunch at the Clare Senior Center, and Vocational Exploration. Staff have said that Janis is always willing to help out when she is on outings and is especially helpful at the Senior Center. Clare Consumer Council is proud to name Janis English as Person Served of the Month for June, 2018. Congratulations Janis, and thank you for all your hard work!

May 2018

Karen S

Mt. Pleasant

Karen has worked at MMI since December of 2011. She has participated in our Community Connections program and our TEX program. Karen is a very hard worker and takes great pride in her job!! Karen works mainly on the cleaning of the papers before they are shredded. She diligently concentrates on her task assigned and works until completion. Her attendance is excellent and she is very independent with taking care of her own belongings and is very prompt with her schedule. Karen has a beautiful smile and will greet people sometimes when they pass through her work area. Thank you Karen for your dedication to your job and for being a friend to others.

Dennis P


Dennis Paschall has been with MMI since 2002. He participates in the Employment Connections program 4 days per week where he does many different manufacturing jobs as well as keeping the lawn at MMI’s Clare branch mowed and looking great. He also does shredding independently at CMH in Harrison one day a week. Dennis enjoys working on small engines and repairs lawn mowers and bicycles in his spare time. He is friendly, outgoing, and a very hard worker. MMI Clare is proud to name Dennis as Person Served of the Month for May, 2018. Thank you, Dennis, for all your hard work and dedication!

April 2018

Sam L

Mt. Pleasant

Sam began his MMI career part time in April 2016 when he was in High School. A few months later, after graduating, he began participating full time in the Community Connections and Sensory Integration Training programs. Some of Sam’s favorite community activities include listening to different types of music and creating pictures. In the Sensory Room, Sam does a great job performing his exercises and enjoys sensory activities such as stacking cones. No matter where Sam is during his day, he is well known for his sense of humor, happy-go-lucky personality, and contagious smile. Congratulations Sam for being chosen as MMI’s April 2018 person served of the month.

Lisa E


Lisa has been coming to MMI since 2002. She attends MMI 5 days per week, though she goes to Mt Pleasant to CMH and does shredding there independently every Tuesday and Wednesday. It is clear doing this work is very important to Lisa, as she spends quite a bit of time waiting for transit buses to and from Mt Pleasant on these days. In addition to her shredding, Lisa participates in the Employment Connections program and does Art and Vocational Exploration with Community Connections. She also was elected to the Clare Consumer Council this past January, receiving a vote from each one of her peers. Lisa is always cheerful, friendly, and willing to work hard. The Clare Consumer Council has proudly named Lisa as April 2018’s Person Served of the month. Thank you, Lisa, for a being such a hard worker and friendly person!

March 2018

Vicky K

Mt. Pleasant

Vicky has worked for MMI since June of 2008, participating in the MMI Transitional Employment and Community Employment Programs. Vicky is a very hard worker and is always willing to learn new jobs. Vicky works on a variety of community employment crews as a permanent crew member but also works as a substitute on other crews as needed. Vicky is friendly, compassionate towards others and has many friends at MMI. Vicky has also served on the MMI Consumer Council for several terms, having been elected by her peers and is a contributing representative on the committee. Vicky was recently nominated for PS of the month because of the excellent job that she has been doing at MMI and on all of her crews. Keep up the good work and congratulations on being MMI’s Person Served of the month for March 2018!

Bonnie B


Bonnie B. has been attending MMI since June of 2007. She comes to MMI 5 days a week and participates in the Employment Connections and Community Connections programs. She enjoys being able to go out and do things with her housemates such as shopping at a store near their home. Bonnie’s smile lights up her entire face and she shares it often with those around her. She works hard at the tasks she is given to do and is willing to help when asked. Consumer Council is proud to name Bonnie as Person Served of the Month – congratulations Bonnie!!