What is an Inclusive Employer?

A workplace environment created and maintained by a business in which every employee is treated with dignity and respect, provided opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment, and valued for their talents and skills, regardless of perceived differences like intellectual and developmental disabilities. These businesses carry this mindset into their hiring practices and community involvement.

Why does it matter?

Inclusive employment provides opportunities that benefit the business and the community as a whole. Most employers report how consistent and reliable their supported employee is, and how the employee positively affects the culture and atmosphere of the workplace. The employees benefit by having a job that allows them to participate in the local economy, buying things for themselves, and helping to provide for their families. They also have a way to contribute and belong to the community in ways that matter to all of us.

How can businesses become inclusive employers?

For many, the principles of inclusive employment have always been obvious, but businesses often find it challenging to recruit individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Others may have a hard time imagining a job that would be a good fit or understanding the benefits to their business. MMI can provide assistance through either way! Our employment specialists can skillfully evaluate opportunities within an interested business, and then connect them with the right person to meet their needs.