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MMI has many opportunities for you to get involved in the life of someone with a barrier to employment.

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Natural Supports pairs individuals who have barriers to employment with pre-established support networks in the community. For example, a person MMI serves may want to work at a hardware store. That person would be paired with an employee of the store who can provide support to the individual as they work.

This accomplishes a number of goals:

The person is truly integrated into the community
A definite need is filled in the community
The person served learns greater independence

MMI also has opportunities for people interested in volunteering to work on-site at MMI. As a volunteer, you could help MMI provide valuable training to individuals with barriers to employment. Call for more information.

Whether you are interested in volunteering, have a vacant volunteer position that you would like us to fill, or a job opening, let us know. We will sit down with you and explain all of the details.

To find out more about careers @ MMI call our Human Resource Department at: 989-773-6918 or e-mail at hr@mmionline.com.