MMI Vocational Services

Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to assess the vocational potential of individuals in a community setting or in a facility under the control of MMI. Includes identification of functional competencies and interests, and development of realistic vocational goals. A written report of the findings of vocational evaluations is provided to the purchaser of services outlining recommendations about future vocational planning.

Our Vocational Evaluations are performed utilizing various diagnostic methods.

WRAT (Wide Range Achievement Test) which measures grade levels in math, spelling, and word recognition.
COPS Interest inventory which measures vocational interests.
CAPS (Career Ability Placement Survey) which measures aptitude.
COPES (Career Orientation Placement and Evaluation Survey) which measures work values.

Our Director of Admissions has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and 35 years of vocational evaluation experience.

To find out more about Vocational Evaluations call the Branch Director or the Vocational Evaluation Supervisor in your area by calling 989-773-6918 or e-mail mail@mmionline.com.