Selected Programs Accredited By:

October 2019

Amanda Lawson

Mt. Pleasant

Amanda has worked in several roles since starting with the MMI team in 2015. Amanda hit the ground running in her new position as Communication Specialist. She has revised the Cutting Edge to be a better communication tool for our staff. She has made significant changes to the format and content we share on social media. The agency has received many positive comments about the new content and the positive focus of the posts. She also worked very hard to make sure MMI was well represented at the Dow Great Lakes Bay LPGA golf tournament, making sure MMI met the requirements we agreed to and spending long (and HOT) days on the golf course to cheer on our players. This resulted in both a $9000 donation to MMI and some important community connections that raised the visibility of the organization to some important stakeholders. Most recently, Amanda met with the consultant who was hired to create a fund development plan for MMI. They worked together to create a reasonable and effective plan to help generate new revenue for the organization. Amanda’s hard work, positive attitude, and focus on our creating inclusive communities is helping to raise awareness of all the good work that the MMI team does on behalf of the people we serve.

September 2019

Jean Mashue

Mt. Pleasant

Jean joined the MMI team in 2017 as a Community Employment Coach. She is the regular coach for the CM Life paper delivery as well as the City of Mt. Pleasant Recycling team. Jean is always willing to step up and help, oftentimes covering the MMI Janitorial team and the Social Security Janitorial team. She is unfailingly cheerful, upbeat, and positive despite working some very long days and weekends at times. Jean stepped up for the Grant Township Saturday recycling crew for nearly a year to cover a staff vacancy. Jean is reliable and flexible which makes her a wonderful role model and mentor for her work teams. She is committed to helping the people she works with reach their highest potential. MMI is grateful for team members like Jean who share in our core values. Jean is truly helping lead the way to inclusive communities.

August 2019

Alex Metcalf


Alex was first hired at MMI as a Community Connection Coach. She caught on very quickly and has been a team player since the beginning. While working in Community Connections Alex started a new group at the Farwell Soup Kitchen. This group has been a great success with MMI participants as well as with everyone at the soup kitchen. A Home Provider called to report that she observed Alex with her group at the bowling alley. She said that Alex had excellent rapport with persons served and that she is very patient. During the past year Alex transferred to the Employment Connections program. Alex is working in the Learning Center in Clare and assisting persons served in volunteering and exploring the community to develop job skills that will lead to Competitive Integrated Employment. Alex is an excellent addition to the Employment Connection team, and she is dedicated to teaching persons served skills which will lead them to obtaining independent employment. MMI is fortunate to have Alex on our team!!

July 2019

Sheila Yaney

Southern Operations

MMI’s Employee of the Month for July is Sheila Yaney. Sheila has worked for MMI for several years in the Southern Operations Community Connections Program. Sheila worked very well with one client for many of those years. She was well liked and trusted by the family. Sheila decided to make a transition into serving multiple people with more community-based goals. Sheila has done an outstanding job at adjusting to this new routine. She has been able to assist multiple people in becoming included members of their communities through various opportunities. These opportunities have included the attendance at an all-woman bible study for a young lady who struggled to make friends and an opportunity for a young man to volunteer at a school setting up learning materials for the next day. For the young man setting up learning materials it has helped him to become more interested in the opportunities for growth in his own learning. Sheila continues to assist persons served in looking for new opportunities for growth within their own communities. Sheila is an excellent asset to MMI and the Community Connection Team. She is truly leading the way to inclusive communities.

June 2019

Becky Overfield

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for June is Becky Overfield. Becky has worked in MMI’s Community Connections program as a coach in Mount Pleasant since March of 2018.
She works primarily with groups of persons served in a variety of activities in the community but has also stepped up when additional coverage has been needed for CC 1-1 services and does a great job in both areas. Becky is enthusiastic and makes things fun for the persons served and her coworkers. She displays a kind caring heart when working with others. Becky made a point early in her employment with MMI to spend time getting to know everyone that she was going to be working with to provide the best service she could for them. It didn’t take long for her to form some great relationships with persons served, which is evident in her daily interactions. Becky is a great advocate for the individuals that she works with and does an outstanding job of promoting their independence. She is very encouraging when she is working with people. Becky also stepped up to cover some transportation routes for MMI that opened and have now been added to her weekly schedule. She is also quick to cover other routes at the last minute which is greatly appreciated.

May 2019

Jessica Turley


MMI’s Employee of the Month for May is Jessica Turley. Jessica who is a Youth Employment Specialist (YES) has been with MMI since October 2017. She started as part youth staff and part employment specialist for Clare county. That lasted about three months. When youth services began to boom, and Gladwin county was added, she then became a full-time youth staff. Since then she has been very instrumental in the expanded growth of MMI’s youth program. She has supported her fellow YES’s with training, coverage and as an ear to listen when needed. Last summer she coordinated the Evart youth project and assisted with Isabella and Gratiot summer programs as well. She fills in for the Alma program when needed and is very good at organizing. She has helped develop many systems that are used for youth services including our program outcome data collection tool. This school year started off a bit slow for Jessica, but it ramped up very quickly. She added several new schools, some new duties and she will be transferring to the Isabella/Gratiot YES position. It takes a team to make MMI’s youth services a success, but it takes people with dedication like Jessica’s to make up that team.