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November 2018

Marlaina Kiggins

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for November is Marlaina Kiggins. Marlaina has been working in MMI’s Mt. Pleasant Community Connections 1-1 program since July of 2017. She is a very dedicated, hardworking and dependable staff. Marlaina is well liked by the individuals and their families that she provides supports for. Marlaina works full time and attends Central Michigan University where she is studying to become a special education teacher. Even with this very full schedule, Marlaina will adjust her calendar whenever possible to help in Community Connections and in MMI’s Learning Center when there is a need. Her co-workers at MMI, speak very highly of her and complement her on her enthusiasm and how she can step in and get the job done, whatever the task is. She is a wonderful team player and is greatly appreciated by her manager and co-workers alike.

October 2018

Birgit Roat


MMI’s Employee of the Month for October is Birgit Roat. Birgit began her career with MMI on March 1, 1989, in the Clare Branch as a Connections Coach in Transitional Employment. Birgit has been with MMI for many years and has recently transitioned from being a manufacturing job coach to being a Learning Center Coach. She was apprehensive about the recent changes that have taken place throughout MMI and even though this change was not something that Birgit would have chosen to do, she has faced every day with a good attitude. And all though we are still working out the details, things seem to be going smoother all the time. Birgit often goes above and beyond to offer assistance and support to her supervisors, co-workers, and new staff. She is always willing to do whatever it takes to provide quality services for our participants. Birgit is a very caring person, who treats the persons served at MMI with the utmost dignity and respect. She is dedicated and a good role model for the staff and persons served. We are pleased to have her on the Clare team.

September 2018

Mary Casner

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for September is Mary Casner. Mary has worked in Community Connections in Mount Pleasant since October of 1994. She began her career at MMI as a substitute, quickly becoming a permanent full time staff. Over the years Mary has worked in MMI’s community groups, manufacturing areas and provided one to one support for variety of people. Mary has worked with one individual for many years now and does a fantastic job in this position. Mary provides excellent customer service & active treatment to the individual she is working with. She has a great relationship with the entire support team for this person. Mary is a strong advocate for all the persons served at MMI, and especially for the person she works so closely with. She does a great job of supporting and promoting MMI’s mission. She is quick to anticipate the needs of the person she works with and is good at troubleshooting any issues they face. Mary can be counted on to do what’s best for this person in any given situation.

Mary is great about honoring commitments she makes to others. She works well with her team and other co-workers at MMI. She can be counted on to pitch in and help whenever she is able to. She loves to promote fun at work and is very encouraging to others who might be having a tough day. As you can tell by her picture, she loves the holidays. We especially look forward to Christmas when she busts out her many holiday cd’s and can be heard singing along to them. Mary is a positive, enthusiastic person who brings a lot of energy and laughter to the department.

August 2018

Stephanie Sinclair


MMI’s Employee of the Month for August is Stephanie Sinclair. Stephanie started with MMI in 2014 as a Mentor for Project Search, then became a Job/CLS Coach. In 2015 Stephanie was promoted to Connection Coordinator for MMI’s Southern Operations Office. With each position, Stephanie has always done a great job and does her best to advocate for the people we serve. Besides her coordinator duties, Stephanie provides back up support for almost any service location that MMI’s Southern Opperations has. Stephanie is seen as the go to person for the Southern Operations office. She is often reminded that she is only one person, as she is too willing to take any and all projects as they come up. She is the ultimate team player. Staff in MMI’s Southern Operations cannot imagine having a team without her.

July 2018

Deb Price


MMI’s Employee of the Month for July is Deb Price. Deb has held a variety of positions over the past 25+ years in both MMI’s Mt. Pleasant and now Clare offices. She began as an Activity Aide/Transportation Aide in 1992, and then became a Rehabilitation Group Leader II in the Adult Activity Adjustment Program. This position’s title changed to Connections Coach in 1997. As a Connections Coach, she worked in MMI’s Transitional Employment Programs and in 2015 her title changed to Job Coach.
Deb has recently transitioned from being in MMI’s manufacturing area to working on skill building in the Clare Learning Center. The transition was not something that came easy as Deb had been in manufacturing for many years. As time has gone on, she has become more optimistic, and has witnessed some successes with the people served by MMI. She is excited about the things that she gets to present each day. Deb is a genuine and caring person who goes out of her way to ensure the best services possible for the people served by MMI.

June 2018

Cassidy Myers


MMI’s Employee of the Month for June is Cassidy Myers. Cassidy has been with MMI since October of 2017 as a Coordinator in MMI’s Southern Operations office. Cassidy has been diligent at working with MMI’s funding sources to assure that new referrals are coming in more completely from the beginning so that there is not a delay in time as to when the services can begin. She has been instrumental in working with her supervisor to come up with a new plan for MMI to be invited more regularly to Person Centered Planning (PCP) meetings for the people served by MMI. Because of her passion to improve the Community Connections (CC) group experience and her unwillingness to take “no” as an option the newest activities for CC group have been phenomenal. Most recently Cassidy was able to secure a huge cost savings for the participants on a CC activity at the Soaring Eagle Waterpark, Free Griffon Hockey Tickets, and believe it or not Free Detroit Tiger Tickets not only for one game that the group has already attended, but also for a second game in August. Cassidy’s dedication to the people she serves is an inspiration.