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June 2018

Cassidy Myers


MMI’s Employee of the Month for June is Cassidy Myers. Cassidy has been with MMI since October of 2017 as a Coordinator in MMI’s Southern Operations office. Cassidy has been diligent at working with MMI’s funding sources to assure that new referrals are coming in more completely from the beginning so that there is not a delay in time as to when the services can begin. She has been instrumental in working with her supervisor to come up with a new plan for MMI to be invited more regularly to Person Centered Planning (PCP) meetings for the people served by MMI. Because of her passion to improve the Community Connections (CC) group experience and her unwillingness to take “no” as an option the newest activities for CC group have been phenomenal. Most recently Cassidy was able to secure a huge cost savings for the participants on a CC activity at the Soaring Eagle Waterpark, Free Griffon Hockey Tickets, and believe it or not Free Detroit Tiger Tickets not only for one game that the group has already attended, but also for a second game in August. Cassidy’s dedication to the people she serves is an inspiration.

May 2018

Dennis Edwards

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for May is Dennis Edwards. Dennis first began with MMI as an evening janitorial crew Job Coach in May 2017, and then after a brief hiatus returned in August of 2017. Presently, Dennis is one of MMI’s Job Coach Floats, who are trained to cover a wide variety of contracts, and work on other special projects. Dennis learned the requirements of the job sites very quickly. Besides providing contract and crew coverage, he also spends time completing performance measurements so that the people served by MMI are paid correctly. Dennis also travels throughout the MMI offices completing assigned tasks as needed, such as hard floor care and carpet cleaning. He is very flexible with his time and helps out whenever and wherever possible. No matter what he is faced with Dennis always has a smile, a joke, a teamwork attitude, and a positive outlook. He is well liked by his co-workers, contract customers, and the people served by MMI.

April 2018

Christy Baughn

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for April is Christy Baughn. Christy returned to MMI in August of 2015 as a Connections Coach after a six year hiatus. She previously worked in our Alma Branch as a coach for 13 years. Christy is a hard worker who does a great job helping MMI’s persons served to connect with the community. She works with a variety of groups and does an excellent job with them all, but has a couple that stand out. Christy does an outstanding job with the individuals that go to the Farmer’s Market, Isabella County Restoration House’s day shelter for homeless individuals and collecting donation canisters at local businesses for the Isabella County’s Soup Kitchen. She is great at promoting independence with the individuals she works with. Christy is encouraging, and offers people many different opportunities to participate in activities that have a positive impact on the community. She is well liked by the persons served she works with and goes out of her way to get to know them as individuals, which help make their experiences at MMI positive. Christy is a team player who can be counted on to jump right in and get things done. She is also a driver for one of the MMI van routes, but doesn’t hesitate to cover other routes if she is available. With her experience & knowledge, she’s a great resource for all staff but especially the new employees that come into the department appreciate her guidance. MMI is proud to acknowledge Christi Baugh as the April Employee of the Month.

March 2018

Judy Jeffery

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for March is Judy Jeffery. Judy is a long time staff in MMI’s Transitional Employment Program. 28 years of providing service to individuals and treating everyone with dignity and respect is one of the reasons why Judy was selected as the Employee of the Month. Judy has done a wonderful job with MMI’s recent transitions. She has been relocated several times and has done well adapting to whatever space she is given. The individuals with whom she works are often seen with a smile on their face and seem to really enjoy working with her. Judy is willing to help out in any area at MMI that she is asked. She is constantly on the go and always helping persons served in one area. All while providing excellent services for the participants. Judy often has conversations with her participants asking questions such as, “Would you like to work in the community?” Or “What do you think you would be good at?” which helps them identify areas that they may be interested in working in the future.
During her career at MMI, Judy has worked with many people and she makes a point of getting to know each person as individuals and tries to understanding their own personal aspirations. Judy is a strong advocate to find meaningful work that each person can do. The family members and guardians of the people we serve have been known to speak her praises as she not only is a trusted MMI staff, but to some she has been “one of the family

February 2018

Annette Nedved


MMI’s Employee of the Month for February is Annette Nedved. Annette is a Job Coach for MMI’s Southern Operation Community Employment (CE) program. She is a critical puzzle piece for Southern Ops, as she is dependable and reliable. Annette is the job coach, five days per week for the crew that covers the Secretary of State office and the JC Penney in Greenville. This crew starts their day very early in the morning at 5:30 am and since Annette provides transportation for the crew, her day begins even earlier. Annette is a strong advocate for the people that she works with. She assists them when they need to problem solve issues that arise, not only in the work environment, but also with personal issues. Annette is also a Community Living Supports (CLS) coach in the afternoon for a few days a week. The guardian for the ladies she supports has asked if Annette could be cloned because she is so good at what she does. Annette is truly an asset to MMI and our Southern Operations with all that she does to enhance the lives of those that she serves by developing inclusive communities and meaningful connections.

January 2018

Marie Mogg

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for January is Marie Mogg. Marie has been with MMI for over 30 years, and has demonstrated her dedication over and over again. She has worked in almost every department at MMI, and is currently a Job Coach for the General Recycling crew in Mt. Pleasant. Over the past few months, Marie has been instrumental in helping on the remodeling and reorganizing of the MMI Corporate Office in Mt. Pleasant. Marie has worked nights and weekends outside of her regular shift to help MMI meet the ever-changing and sometimes, very tight timelines. Marie has cleaned many office areas. She, has prepared & painted many office walls and has scrubbed, stripped and waxed many floors. Marie gives 100% to every job that she does and it is truly appreciated. She is recognized for her willingness to go about and beyond.

December 2017

Kim Morey

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for December is Kim Morey. Kim has been with MMI since 1985.  Kim recently took on the role as one of MMI’s Coaches in the new Learning Lab area.  She is an excellent advocate for the persons served at MMI.  Kim is always thinking about what is best for the people she works with and works to be as fair as possible with all of them.  She always has a bright smile for the persons served when they come in each morning.  Kim has fun, often breaking into song and doing a little dance in the middle of the Learning Center.  Her enthusiasm can be contagious for those around her.  Kim is always thinking about her job and trying to find ways to make it better.  She has taken on the lead for the Consumers Council in Mt. Pleasant in the last year and is a member of the safety committee.  Kim seems to enjoy most of her job duties and has even done well with the new tasks that have been put in front of her. A couple of years ago, Kim was asked to change from being a Job Coach and try something new and she declined.  This time around she did it with some hesitation, but has done a remarkable job since transferring to the new position.

November 2017

Amanda Harvey


MMI’s Employee of the Month for November is Amanda Harvey. Amanda has been with MMI since March 2014. She was initially hired as a Direct Supports Professional to work in MMI’s Community Living Supports program.  Amanda then began working with the Mt. Pleasant Community Connections Program in August of 2014. In August 2015, she was selected as the Office Associate for the front desk in MMI’s corporate office.  Then in May 2016, Amanda was promoted to a Connection Coordinator for MMI’s Clare office.

Amanda’s nomination was initiated by the Community Mental Health for Central Michigan-Harrison office Case Management Team. Amanda handled the entire Clare MMI Caseload for two months while Clare was searching for a new Coordinator and has done a remarkable job.  She has been responsive to CMH when they need information or assistance with the people we serve.  Amanda attended every Person Centered Planning meeting and special staffing that was needed for the persons served and made sure to provide pertinent information.  She is a real team player, always willing to help others out.  Amanda has a positive attitude and works hard to ensure that persons served are getting the services that they need.

She has also taken the lead with medication dispensing for Clare and is an awesome trainer for First aid/CPR/AED.  Amanda went above and beyond to make sure that no one’s needs at Clare MMI went unmet during the coordinator transition.  She is now in the process of training a new coordinator for Clare and hasn’t missed a beat.  Amanda has also been very helpful in providing valuable support and information to the new supervisor in Clare. We are truly fortunate to have Amanda on the Clare MMI team!

October 2017

Jessica Schreuder


MMI’s Employee of the Month for October is Jessica Schreuder. Jessica who is a Community Living Supports (CLS) Coach for Southern Operations has been with MMI since December of last year. She was originally hired to work with one person served, but over the last 10 months she has learned to provide services for multiple other persons served. Jessica is very detailed when reviewing all of the individual person centered plans and seems to know just the right questions to ask in order to better understand how to provide exceptional service. She is truly goal focused as she provides services and takes good direction from her supervisor and co-workers as she continues to grow in her position. Jessica is more than willing to fill in with persons served when other staff is away. Recently, Jessica has added Supported Employment Services to her vast list of duties. She was selected as the Employee of the Month because of the passion she has shown in learning her position as a CLS coach. Jessica, we are grateful for your willingness to change and adapt to the program needs. She is truly an asset to MMI and our mission to continue to enrich lives.


Jen Lovejoy

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for September is Jen Lovejoy. Jen has been with MMI since February 2017. Presently she works full time in Mt. Pleasants Community Living Supports (CLS). She has been extremely flexible and accommodating with all of the continual changes in the CLS participant’s schedules. Jen is well liked by all the CLS participants and their families that she works with as well as their other supports. She has taken on many new referrals for CLS services and has assisted by training several new CLS Coaches. Jen also helped her Supervisor implement some addition of paperwork requirements. She is always willing to help out wherever needed and her education, knowledge and experience in teaching special education has been a great asset to the CLS Program.


Candi Kelsey


MMI’s Employee of the Month for August is Candi Kelsey. Candi is a Connections Coach with the Clare office and has been with MMI since 2001. Candi has gone out of her way to build strong positive relationships with the individuals living at Oakbridge Inn while teaching Daily Living Skills to persons served. This relationship has now developed into having a second Community Connections activity of Health and Wellness which Candi leads on Fridays. Candi is also involved with Clare MMI’s Volunteer group who chose to help 14 Veterans this past Christmas. This project has turned out to be an amazing experience for persons served as they’ve collected items and money to buy much needed items for those individuals. Not only did that but the Daily Living Skills group put on their first Christmas Breakfast in December for the Veterans as the group had been learning all the skills needed to put on this great event at Oakbridge Inn. Most recently, Candi took on an additional role for the 19th Annual Walk & Roll by taking on her Supervisor’s role during the Walk & Roll’s event on May 6th. Candi is a great leader and role model for others.


Rachelle Campbell

Mt. Pleasant

MMI’s Employee of the Month for July is Rachelle Campbell.  Rachelle has worked for MMI as a Career Coach with the Michigan Works! PATH Program since July of 2014. Beyond Rachelle’s regular duties, she has researched and developed multiple curricula for use in preparing PATH participants for employment.  In each case she located resources for specific trainings and developed Powerpoint presentations and worksheets.  She tested out each of her completed trainings on a pilot group of participants to tweak them as necessary and to see how effective they are.  Rachelle has provided training to her co-workers on how to present two of the trainings and requested the opportunity to do so with two more trainings as we have availability to do so in our department meetings.  With the changes the PATH program has gone through, it has become necessary to change the way we provide employment services to our participants and Rachelle has been innovative in providing additional resources that will help us to better meet the needs of our participants and continue to provide effective services.