Individual Services

Youth Services

MMI’s youth team is dedicated to empowering students in their journey of exploration and informed decision-making about their futures. The Youth team takes a dynamic approach to strengthening local networks for students and supporting their long-term success.

Community Connections

Community Connections offers opportunities for inclusion of people in everyday life in their community. It provides a natural support network and enhances the whole community.

Community Connections 1:1

Community Connections 1:1 allows individuals to enhance their Independence by engaging in community inclusion, building relationships, and developing personal skills.

Employment Connections

The Employment Connections program provides a path for individuals to discover, grow, and achieve their career objectives.

Job Placement and Coaching

Employment specialists work one-on-one with individuals to support them in finding suitable employment. When they obtain employment, a Job Coach will be available who can tailor specific training to help individuals learn and carry out their job duties.

Connections- Autism Services

Connections offers a
comprehensive spectrum
of support, including
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for individuals aged 4 to 21, social skills teaching for individuals and groups, and essential parent/guardian training encompassing ABA, social skills coaching, and group support.

Multi-Systemic Therapy Program (MST)

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an innovative and evidence-based approach to therapy that significantly impacts individuals and families facing complex challenges. MST addresses a wide range of issues by focusing on the interconnected systems that influence a person’s life.

Benefits Consultation

A Benefits Consultation can help individuals and families understand how work affects their benefits and provide them with the information they need to decide how to plan their employment goals.

Business Services

Grounds and Liter Clean Up

Recycling Services


General Labor

Employment Services

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