Connections-Autism Services

Connections provides specialized support and training to empower individuals with autism, fostering social growth and personal development.

Comprehensive Services at Connections by MMI

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy: Tailored ABA therapy programs designed to support individuals aged 4 to 21 in developing essential skills and achieving their full potential.
  • Social Skills Teaching: Individual and group-based social skills teaching sessions aimed at fostering meaningful connections and enhancing social interactions for individuals with autism.
  • Parent/Guardian Training: Essential training for parents and guardians encompassing ABA techniques, social skills coaching strategies, and group support to empower families in supporting their loved ones.
  • PEERSĀ® Adolescents Social Skills Program: Our Connections manager is a Certified Provider of the PEERSĀ® Adolescents Social Skills Program, offering specialized support to enhance social skills development in adolescents with autism.
  • Client Success Stories: Connections has successfully supported numerous clients in their personal growth and development through our comprehensive services.
  • Community Support: MMI is grateful for the support received from the community, enabling us to continue providing vital services and making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with autism.

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