Community Connections 1:1

Community Connections 1:1 services provide the foundation individuals need to maintain their independence. The individual’s team determines these services based on what services are considered medical necessities. MMI staff will provide individualized support in discovering and pursuing their personal goals and interests in their communities.

Community Connections and Self Determination

  • Foundational Support: Community Connections 1:1 services provide essential support for individuals to maintain independence.
  • Diverse Activities: Selected activities encompass a range of tasks, from meal preparation and money management to participating in community events and recreational opportunities.
  • Advocacy and Engagement: Support extends to involvement in advocacy and service organizations, empowering individuals to contribute to their communities actively.
  • Health and Safety Focus: MMI prioritizes the health and safety of individuals, ensuring they reside or receive support in the most integrated and independent community setting.
  • Self-Determined Services: 1:1 services are determined by the individual and their team, based on medical necessity, fostering a sense of self-determination and autonomy.
  • Personal Goal Pursuit: MMI staff support individuals in discovering and pursuing personal goals and interests within their communities, promoting empowerment and engagement.

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