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Selected Programs Accredited By:

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MMI Employment Connections

The Employment Connections (EC) service offers individualized training and support that is designed to assist participants in reaching their ultimate goal of competitive, integrated employment.  Depending upon the person’s individualized plan, the training experience may include both paid and non-paid activities. The settings for the various training opportunities include classroom training, hands on training and community based experiences.

Class room trainings focus on basic skill topics to assist the individual in learning about being a successful employee.  Such topics may include, grooming and hygiene, how to interact with your co-worker or supervisor, the difference between good and poor customer service, and interviewing, just to name a few.  Training contains both discussion and activity components.

Hands on training focuses on exploring work in simulated situations in areas where a participant has expressed interest.  For example, if a person expresses interest in housekeeping, MMI has a simulated hotel room, in which the person can learn what it takes to complete that job.  If a person is interested in retail, they can have hands-on experience merchandising or running cash registers. For individuals interested in working in the manufacturing field, MMI has paid work opportunities that assist people in honing their manufacturing skills.  Hands on training gives the participant an opportunity to explore various jobs while helping them understand the requirements involved for a particular position.

Community based experiences focus on learning employment likes and dislikes while exploring options in the community.  Based on the person’s goal, the experience may include volunteering, job shadowing, or hands on paid work experience out in the community.  This gives the participants an opportunity to become familiar with various employment settings available in the community.

Many people who have limited work experience, may not be aware of employment options in their local community.  All of our training settings include a career discovery component.  Career discovery helps both MMI and the participants to identify and explore what an individual likes, what their interests are, their strengths, their unique needs, and other factors that will lead to finding the best job fit possible. This extensive process helps to ensure the competitive, integrated employment opportunities offered to participants will be successful, regardless of support needs.

To find out more about Employment Connections call the Director of Community Employment or Program Supervisor for Employment Connections in your area by calling 989-773-6918 or e-mail mail@mmionline.com.